November 30th, 2017

A brand book is a “handbook” which collects the graphic line of every business product: logo, business cards layout, headed notepapers, invoices, envelopes, brochures, catalogues, web site and social accounts.

Why a company should make a brand book

For a company it’s important composing and owning a brand book, because not only it contains every graphic element of the business, but it also reports every possible information about the correct use of colours and fonts.
The brand book is a guide for everyone (member, partner or associated) who needs to know about the signature elements of the company, in order to not make mistakes.

The aim is to avoid that the graphic line is used improperly, with unoriginal colours and characters, risking a damage of the company’s image.
A brand book avoids communication mistakes.

If well planned, a brand book is a point of reference for each business’s identity, a starting point, a valid instrument on which building every new necessity of the company.
It is a “poster sign” which differentiate the company from every one else.

A brand book is long-lasting, it doesn’t expire or go out of fashion: it is an investment which continuously evolves and regenerates itself with time.

For each one of these reasons, a brand book isn’t needed only by the big firm of the multinational corporation: it’s essential for every commercial and institutional entity, and for every free lance worker who’s trying to stand out with a recognizable, immediate, clear and efficient graphic and style.