November 30th, 2018

“To product a magazine, a house organ or a catalogue is a complex process which requires creativity and precision.”

Quoting directly from our beauty portfolio, we stumble upon the words ‘house organ’. How many of you know what is their meaning?

A house organ is a periodical magazine published by a company or an institution with the purpose of updating their personnel on performed tasks and future goals. To synthesize, a ‘business report’ laid out as a mag.

It can be in-bound, addressed to employees and partners with technical and organisational data, or out-bound, which means interested in giving information about itself to a potential client.

For the graphic teams which works on them, all of this translates to a commitment on a recurring basis, kept going with skilfulness and care on behalf of the client company, which provides the contents.

Our team’s job is to create the graphic design where to lay out the pictures and articles, while keeping an open and active communication with the client.

One example is the Eni Polo Sociale magazine, L’Incontro, which we have been taking care of for more than two years.